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We are offering a Winter Share. Please Read about the share here. Sign ups will be live soon. Thanks!

We are a certified organic farm located in the beautiful rolling hills of the Driftless Region near Mineral Point, Wisconsin. We serve both Southern Wisconsin and Chicago areas with fresh and sustainably grown vegetables through our CSA, offering your family food that is nutritious and delicious.

Our farming practices integrate diversified vegetables within a system that promotes biodiversity. With an edible food forest planted in 2009 and a small, but fruitful shiitake mushroom operation we are encouraging natural systems to take shape in areas where vegetables aren't grown.

We grow a wide variety of vegetables for our CSA members, as well as offering a range of products for restaurants and grocers that support local foods. If you are interested in learning more about Community Supported Agriculture please visit the “Our CSA” tab.

When you become a member of our farm and enjoy the delicious and sustainable harvest throughout the growing season and support food grown locally with care and respect for the land and all it has to offer.

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