Your Farmers

Your Farmers

Hi!  We're excited to be your farmers! Farming is a busy and rewarding way of life. We work hard so that every week delicious fresh produce is harvested and ready for our members. After seeing many different types of farming and approaches we are so happy to work directly with you. What is so exciting for us about this type of farm is that we are able to farm and delivery fresh produce directly to everyone who wants to our veggies. How awesome is that!  Thanks again! - Elisabeth & Steven

ElisabethHey! I was raised in rural upstate New York and saw first hand the difficulties dairy farmers face. Growing up we always had a garden to help feed the family, but also because gardens are so lovely. After many years of staying determinedly off farms I returned to farming through the organic agriculture movement. Farming was a way to care for the land in a positive and constructive way.  Since moving to Wisconsin I've spent several years honing my skills and understanding of vegetable farming systems.

 I came to farming from a background in cooking. Delicious food starts with high quality ingredients. As I worked to hone my skills as a chef, I found the best quality came from the small kitchen garden. My passion for cooking & great food led me to seek out a better understanding of food systems from seed to plate. This curiosity led me to Wisconsin where I have worked for and managed several vegetable production systems. 

The Supervisors: Lilly, Chewy & Cyprus


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