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Our Farm Share season runs from the beginning of June through mid-October. Subscribing to our membership program provides you with 20 weeks of a well balanced assortment of seasonal vegetables and herbs, while honoring an age old tradition of knowing your farmer, eating with the seasons, and supporting your local community. Take a look at previous shares here.

New For 2018 - Built in "Skip Week" for the week of 4th of July. This gives the share a natural break when our members tend to take the most vacations. It also gives us a chance to get caught up and rally for the rest of season. The season will still be a total of 20 weeks. 

Small Share

 Usually 6-7 vegetable varieties. Smaller in quantity than the large share but with just as much variety. About a small/medium grocery bag of vegetables. Great for 1 to 2 people or a family that cooks less frequently or still wants to go to the farmers market. 20 week season June - October 

Large Share / Small Share

Large Share

 Perfect for 2 to 5 people, depending on your households eating habits. Generally 8-10 vegetable varieties.  Approximately one brown grocery bag of produce three quarters full. 20 Week Season June - October. 

Bi-Weekly Shares: 

Bi- Weekly or "Every Other Week" Shares offer members increased flexibility and are great for those that travel or cook less frequently. The bounty list will provide good information on items to use up quickly or those that can be frozen or stored. Bi-weekly members will be assigned a starting group of "A" or "B" weeks. More information about Bi-weekly shares can be found in the member guide

 We work hard to make eating healthy as accessible as possible. The Share Package includes a weekly newsletter with important information about your share. We work hard to create content for our members that's not just clogging up their inbox. News about the farm, recipes, and information about your share help you to get the most out of your experience. Each share comes with a list and description of the items in the share each week. The better we can communicate with you the more you will understand and enjoy your food, & farm.  

Share Option Pricing
   2018 Before Jan 1st
Small Share   $435  |       $415     
Bi- Weekly Small   $275 |       $255     
Large Share  $635 |       $615     
Bi-Weekly Large  $395 |       $375     

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