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Elisabeths Go-to Dressing Recipie

This is at its core, a dijon dressing with a vinegar of your choice. What makes this dressing so easy for me is that I use a mostly empty mustard jar. It uses up those last little bits of mustard that cling to the sides, and provides an easy to use jar for storage. 

Once you have your basic dressing in your bottle, you can add different spices per use in your salad bowl and mix the pre-made dressing into what ever fresh herbs you want to use that day. 


Dijon Mustard jar with about 1 tbsp of mustard left

2tbsp of vinegar (apple, balsamic, red wine, or lemon juice)

1/2 cup mild oil, like canola. You can use olive oil but it has a stronger flavor that can dominate a salad.

Salt & Pepper to taste 

Close the lid on your mustard jar tightly and give it a good shake. Taste and adjust flavors. 

You'll have to play with the quantities depending on how large your mustard jar is. 



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