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Arugula Pesto

Arugula Pesto

I’ve always enjoyed making pesto. I am still looking for my favorite pesto idea, but this one is right up top. I love the peppery quality of arugula; its flavor lingers and always makes me want to eat more. So, what better way to stretch that incredible flavor than to make it into a pesto?

½ lb Arugula (Chopped) (most recipes call for you to remove the stem, but the stem tastes good too and your just blending it, so I say keep the stems, it will give you more finished product.)

½ cup raw unsalted cashews (The cashew bits are cheaper at the store than whole cashews so look for those, because you are blending it up anyway)

½ cup parmesan cheese (grated)

½ cup Olive Oil

1 Green Garlic stalk (Chopped)

1/2tsp salt  

Roast the cashews over medium heat until you can start to see the oils in the nut starting to come to its surface. Remove from pan and set in fridge to cool. Be careful not to burn the cashews because it will become bitter.

Add all of the ingredients except for the Olive Oil to a Cuisinart with the chopper attachment. Start to blend and slowly add the Olive Oil.

Take your time with this because you want to make sure the finished texture is right. It is a lot easier to add more oil to get the right consistency then it is to take the oil back. Once the oil is added, taste it. Your pesto may need more salt depending on your taste buds. Add more oil if necessary, but make sure the texture is that of a paste, not runny because I am pretty sure pesto is Italian for paste.

Once your pesto is complete, add it to pasta dishes or toss it with roasted potatoes. Or, If you got the cheese share, you can make a quesadilla with Arugula Pesto and Organic Goat Bucheron!! How delicious is that?!

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