Member Guide

The Go-To Guide for Farm Share Members

Member Guide

Welcome! The Member Guide is meant to act as a guide to answer basic questions about being a Kings Hill Farm Share member. This also expands upon the Membership Agreement that you read and accepted at sign up. Anyone who picks up a share should read this manual. Thanks!

I. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a relationship between our farm and you as our customer. Rather than simply purchasing food from grocery stores or multiple farms, our customers become “members” of this CSA farm who receive a portion of the farm’s harvest. It is also creates a direct link between the community and local farmers. The payment in the early season helps your farmers directly with the bulk of the seasonal expenses, ex. Seed purchase. And reduce the need for time consuming marketing that takes farmer off farm during the all important harvest season. This allows the farmer more time on farm, growing high quality food. In return the farmers deliver fresh organic produce grown on the farm.  

II. CSA & Shared Risk:  CSA Members share in the risks of production during the season as your farmers and farm crew work to create food from the soil. As with all years, it will be a banner year for certain crops and terrible for others. As farmers we try to create a balance between the unknowns of what nature throws at us and the science, knowledge, and resources that are available to us as organic farmers. Through diversity of crops and good planning our aim is to provide you with a beautiful sampling of the seasons.    

III. Kings Hill Farm is a Certified Organic Farm. We are certified USDA Organic through the Certifying agency called MOSA. Organic is not a name brand or marketing gimmick. Certification is a  rigorous year long process every year that involves detailed record keeping and good farming practices. Kings Hill Farm is a traditional CSA Farm. We produce all vegetables you receive on farm – we feel that this is an important distinction from lookalike programs that, buy from multiple farms and put the middle man making profit off of small family farms, back into the direct to consumer concept that is CSA.  

IV. Member Responsibilities As the farmers, it is our responsibility to grow, pack, and deliver food to you with open communication. Members have responsibilities too. To make sure everyone gets their share each week, we ask that you follow the simple, yet critical directions we offer.  

  • Read the member guide in its entirety.  Make sure that anyone who will be picking up your share is familiar with the directions.
  • Know where and when to pick-up your CSA share. The farm will not issue credit or refunds for unclaimed or forgotten boxes. If you will not be able to pick up your share, it is your responsibility to contact us PRIOR to the day of pick-up to make special arrangements.
  • Learn how to properly unfold and flatten a CSA box for reuse. Please view video demonstration.
  • Take home your produce in your own bag or box. Waxed CSA boxes must stay on site.
  • Read the weekly newsletters & any email communications. We send emails with pertinent information – not to just fill your inbox with junk.  
  • Email filters. Make sure you set your email Spam filters to accept email from        

V. Share Types And What to expect on Delivery Day All CSA Share deliveries are Thursdays. During the 20 week season June – October. Our pick up sites are either private residences, offices, or store spaces. The majority to sites are self-serve honor system. This system works well for hundreds of other CSA’s across the county.

  1. We offer two shares, a small share that comes in a white wax box, and a large share that comes in a larger brown wax box. It is important to note this difference to anyone who picks up a share to avoid incorrect shares being taken.
  2. When you arrive, find and check off or sign by your name on the check off sheet. 
  3. The share comes in a large bag, which lines the box. You can use this to protect your bag and to store vegetables in your fridge.
  4. Carefully open and then flatten your CSA box. It is very important that they stay undamaged. Wax boxes are not recyclable. To reduce their environmental impact we reuse clean boxes for delivery.
  5. Wondering what a vegetable is? Your Share comes with a “Bounty List” that lists each vegetable, and is also in your newsletter.  

VI. BiWeekly or Every Other Week Shares (EOWS): Members will be assigned an A week or B week you will receive a notification of your assigned week, approximately the end of May. A week starts 6/8, and B week starts 6/15. You will receive reminder emails from us on the Monday of your week. It is worth it to add all the dates into your calendar. If you or a friend are unable to pick up your share we can add you to the following weeks delivery. You will still be either A or B week designation. Please let us know at the earliest so we don't pack your share.

VII.Options if I can’t pick up my Box: If you can’t pick up your share there are options available to you. Please let us know if you won’t be able to get your share so that we can make sure your food is not wasted. Please note, the farm does not issue credits or refunds for boxes forgotten at pick up.

  • Have Friends/ Family/ Co-Worker Pick up your share ( it helps to let the farm know that this is happening with their name & phone number in case you are out of town)
  • Make Up Share (new for 2017) Option for total of 2 make-up shares for those that schedule a missed week ahead of time.The make up share is delivered the week following the missed week. 
  • Ask the farm not to pack your box
  • Ask the farm to donate your share to a food pantry or farm volunteer
  • Ask the farm to switch your pick up site – we need to know Wednesdays by 5pm  
  • Shares that are not picked up in their allotted pick up window are always donated.  Make up shares, refunds or credits are not available for forgotten shares. 

VIII. Member Resources

  • Newsletters – These contain recipes, farm news, and information about your shares. The more you learn about your farm, farmers, and vegetables the greater the experience. Sample Newsletter here
  • The Bounty list – this in your share and newsletter. It includes information about the vegetables you receive and storage tips for each vegetable.
  • Pinterest – the farm has a huge list of ideas and recipes saved that are vegetable 'centric.
  • End of year surveys. At the end of the CSA season we send out a survey to get feedback and a better snap shot of our member’s experiences.
  • Focus on Communication. It’s so important to us that we are able to connect with our members. Good or bad we need to hear from you.
  • Follow us on Instagram & Facebook  (We post pictures of the shares there)
  • Check out the ideas and resources page on the website


Thank you for reading all the way through!

Your Farmers,

Elisabeth & Steven

Your CSA -