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Syrup  2018

We are thrilled to partner with B & E's Trees to bring our members the delicious taste of Organic Maple Syrup.

This year we will be offering the syrup for purchase through the online store.  This will give members the chance pick and choose types and qualities. We'll be sending out an email to members to let them know when they are available for purchase. Deliveries will begin the 3rd &4th weeks of June. 

Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup

Classic Maple Syrup

B&E's Trees teamed up with Central Waters Brewing to create this unique Maple Syrup. The syrup is aged in the bourbon barrels for 6 months and then Central Waters gets the empty maple barrels back and ages their beer in the maple bourbon barrels! Its quite the process but the result is worth it. The syrup is gorgeous dark brown and the taste is amazing. The bottle is a lovely 8oz flask flip top style. Note: there is not an alcohol content to this syrup just unique flavor.

This is our favorite syrup, great on pancakes or in a mixed drink. The syrup is tapped in one of the most beautiful maple forests - year round it proves to be a lovely example of a ecologically sound and healthy ecosystem. Steven and I spent many days during the winter helping Bree and Eric put in new taps and lines through the forest. Hard but fun and rewarding work! To learn more check out their website or facebook page. 

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