2017 Season

Kings Hill Farm is a diversified organic vegetable farm growing roughly 10 acres of produce for CSA & wholesale markets in Chicago and Madison areas. Our primary focus is vegetable production.

 We are a medium sized vegetable farm, on a large property. The farm is moderately mechanized but a large portion of the work we all do is physical by hand harvest, weeding, washing produce and seeding in the greenhouse. 

Our farm crew is a very important part of the farm. We get a lot of work done every day! Crew members are involved in most aspects of the the farm operation. During the spring season: transplanting seedlings, weeding the fast growing spring weeds, and seeding in the greenhouse are the major focuses of the crew. Summer through Fall, weeding continues but our major harvests become fruiting crops like Tomatoes, Summer Squash & Cucumbers. These require time and keen observation. Through out the delivery season the crew is involved in the pack shed work of cleaning, sorting and counting of vegetables in preparation of the CSA delivery.  

The work week is typically 35 to 42 hours per week depending on the season and position you are filling. Our goal every day is to finish our tasks and clean up from the day promptly so that everyone can leave at 5:30pm. Occasionally we do ask employees to stay 15-20 minutes later to finish a task.

We have high expectations for the farm, CSA, ourselves and our employees. At the end of the day a positive attitude will allow you to do good work, find fulfillment, and enjoy your work even on hard hot summer day.


Expectations of all Employees  

  • Outside work is necessary in all weather conditions, therefore sweet potatoesemployees are expected to dress accordingly and be continually prepared for changes in the weather.

  • Must be able to stand, bend, lift, for several hours at a time while working with speed and efficiency.

  • Frequent and heavy lifting may be required. Must be able to lift 10 - 40 pounds.

  • Must be able to work independently as well as within a team environment and be able to communicate clearly in both verbal and written form.

  • Drug & Alcohol free at all times at work
  • Punctuality is a must.

    brush-washer, potatoes
  • Time management and multitasking ability is essential.  A wrist watch is essential for everyone.

  • A positive attitude is a must! We all work hard to make the season successful, positive people make work less hard.

    We are hiring 1 Crew Leader Position for 2017, 1-2 full season crew members, and 2-3 summer seasonal crew members. 
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