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Cucumber – The classic slicing cucumber ‘Marketmore” is great for just about any dish. We’ve been eating cucumber salad
nightly. Occasionally you may see some scratches from the pesky cucumber beetles but it is superficial. Can be stored without
plastic in your crisper drawer for a couple days. If you don’t use up quickly putting it in the same bag with the squash helps
keep them fresh.

Broccoli- We harvest at a medium/small size to avoid bolting in the unusual June heat. This is a fresh eating variety or great
chopped up in a favorite dish. Best to store these in plastic in the fridge. And a reminder, don’t throw away those stems they
are very tasty peeled & sliced up thin and stir-fried and taste just like broccoli!

Summer Squash- A classic of summer can be added to almost any meal. Great for a quick sauté, wonderful in stir fry or even
baked into a gratin. Patty Pan’s are adorable little squash that have little scalloped edges like a pie (or a flying saucer). Great
for a quick sauté, wonderful in stir fry or pasta sauce. Shred these into a veggie hash to easily use them up. Store in plastic for
longest storage.

Potatoes – New Potatoes! Red Norlands have the classic red skin exterior and creamy white interior. Perfect for potato salad.
Because they are so new, their skins are prone to being scuffed off. We’ve washed these quickly to avoid over peeling them so
you may want to give these a quick rinse (but don’t scrub) before use. Enjoy in your favorite potato salad, or roasted in the
oven or grill. These are best used more quickly than storage potatoes, store in a cool, dark cupboard or your fridge as needed.

Kale – Nashes Green variety. There are a lot of great kale salad recipes out there if you don’t want to turn the stove on!
Remove the greens from the stems and cook the stems separately as they need more time to be tender. Store in a bag to
keep fresh.

Genovese Basil- A classic Italian basil variety. This is very aromatic. With complex notes of clove and licorice it is warm and
peppery at the same time. The leaves bruise easily, so we don’t wash these before delivery. This basil did experience the
storms so does need a rinse before use. Basil is cold temperature sensitive, so put the stems in a little water and cover loosely
with a plastic bag on your counter until ready to use.

Cabbage – Tendersweet cabbage This cabbage variety is for fresh eating. Its name lends itself very well to its qualities. These
cabbages have very high water content so they are great for making sauerkraut, or eating in a slaw. Best stored in the crisper.

Beets- Chioggia Beets an Italian variety with pink and while spirals inside – the green can be used much like the rainbow
chard. For best storage remove the greens from the beet root – the greens respire and will shorten the storage of the roots.
Store the greens with your cabbage – or stir fry both together for a healthy dish on rice!


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