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Cherry Tomatoes –If you don’t eat these all on the way home store on your counter. If you aren’t going to use them quickly store in your refrigerator. These are ready to eat!

Tomato- Yay tomato season! You’ll see a mix of red slicing tomatoes, smaller saladettes and a mix of other varieties. Most are ready to be eaten, some need a day or two to be spot on ripe. Store on your counter. You can store in your refrigerator but for best flavor give them time to warm up if using them in salads. 

Musk Melon – Athena cantaloupe. There are some lovely musk melon salad recipes out there but honestly, we’ve just been sitting down with a spoon and just eating a half each. The melons are either very close to ripe or are ready to eat. The best way to tell is smell the melon! Store on the counter for a couple of days or if you need it for longer keep in the refrigerator. 

Lettuce – Magenta Summer Crisp. Store in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. While we do wash your lettuce, there are nooks and crannies we can’t get to so please rinse before use.  

Sweet Corn – This is a super sweet bi-color sweet corn. You can store in your refrigerator without a bag for several days as the husk protects it. Eventually if you’d want to put it in a bag. We aren’t seeing much tip damage from bugs in this planting but occasionally you may see something.

String Beans- Dragon Tongue Beans! This variety is a white/yellow bean with purple stripes. The purple does not hold when you cook it unfortunately. But they are at a very nice tender stage and are just as good raw. Beans are one of the few items we do not wash as too much moisture in storage reduces how long they store. Please do not rinse until use.

Cucumber – The classic slicing cucumber ‘Marketmore” is great for just about any dish. We’ve been eating cucumber salad nightly. Occasionally you may see some scratches from the pesky cucumber beetles, but it is superficial. Can be stored without plastic in your crisper drawer for a couple days. If you don’t use up quickly putting it in the same bag with the squash helps keep them fresh.

Peppers –We are just starting to see red peppers! You’ll be seeing a green pepper and a sweet ‘Carmen’ pepper. Its an Italian frying pepper that is super sweet when red. Store in your fridge. If you aren’t going to use them quickly over the weekend store in a plastic bag.

Genovese Basil- A classic Italian basil variety. This is very aromatic. With complex notes of clove and licorice it is warm and peppery at the same time. The leaves bruise easily, so we don’t wash these before delivery. Make sure to give them a quick rinse before chopping up into your meal. Basil is cold temperature sensitive. To store trim the ends like you would flowers and put in water on your counter till use.

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