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Tomatoes- Last week. This week you are seeing “Paste” or “Roma” tomatoes. These are great for sauces, but we also grow this variety because we like the flavor and have used them also for salads or quick salsas for tacos. September tomatoes tend to have small imperfections, please just trim them off and enjoy the rest of the tomato!

Peppers-  You’ll be seeing a mix and match of green and red peppers this week, we harvest at a slightly under ripe stage to avoid any loss in the field. If you aren’t going to use them quickly over the weekend store in a plastic bag.

Kale – Green Leaf kale – Nice ruffled green kale is looking great this fall and is an easy addition to any dish. We made a potato, squash & kale gratin the other day that was delicious! Store in a plastic bag to retain moisture and avoid wilting in the fridge.

Salad Turnip- Sweet hakurei turnips are great for snacking, salads and also work perfectly into fried rice. The greens are also super healthy and a classic southern staple. Store in a bag in the fridge, for longer storage remove the greens from the roots.

Spaghetti squash – Despite their popularity of late this is the first year we’ve grown these for the CSA. Just as their name implies their most common use is as a spaghetti subsitute. Though the internet is littered with all sorts of fun recipes. They do best cooked in the oven first before adding to your recipe. I’ve included a couple of helpful links in the newsletter that demonstrate how to cook.

Onion- Alisa Craig variety. This is a yellow onion that is also considered a mild onion for eating, they soften up very quickly when sautéed.

Lettuce – Cherokee lettuce. This is a darker purple lettuce; this variety is considered a summer crisp though I find the leaves a little bit more tender. Please rinse before use. While we do wash the lettuce, there are nooks and crannies we can’t get to. Store in plastic to keep from wilting.

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