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Cucumbers- We have quite the bounty this week. Please treat like a bumper crop and make a big batch of icebox pickles, salad or even kimchi. Occasionally you may see some scratches from the pesky cucumber beetles but it is superficial. Can be stored without plastic in your crisper drawer for a couple days. If you don’t use up quickly putting it in the same bag with the squash helps keep them fresh.

Potatoes – New Potatoes of the Red Norland variety. They are freshly dug this week! These have red skins and bright white interiors. Because they are so new, their skins are prone to being scuffed. We’ve washed these quickly to avoid over peeling them so you may want to give these a quick rinse (but don’t scrub) before use.  Enjoy in your favorite potato salad, or roasted in the oven or grill. These are best used more quickly than storage potatoes, store in a cool, dark cupboard.

Summer Squash - Green zucchini or golden squash. You’ll see one or the other. A classic of summer can be added to almost any meal. Great for a quick sauté, wonderful in stir fry or even baked into a gratin

Parsley-Slightly spicy with a sweet and peppery undertone widely considered one of the most used culinary herbs, mainly due to its versatility. Chop this up and it is a great addition to any dish. Store in the fridge in plastic and rinse before use.

Patty Pan Squash- Patty Pans are adorable little squash that have little scalloped edges like a pie (or a flying saucer). Great for a quick sauté, great sliced thick on the grill. Shred these into a veggie hash to easily use them up. Store in plastic to retain its natural moisture in the crisper. The back of the fridge is too cold for them.

Lettuce- A green leaf called Nevada. While we do wash our lettuce, there are nooks and crannies we can’t get to so please rinse before use. Store in plastic the fridge. 

Rainbow Chard- A member of the beet family, Chard has a very earthy and sweet flavor to it. Separate the stem from the leaves and lightly sauté with a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil and it’s a great side for any meal. We also finely slice the stems and add them to a chicken salad or tossed salad for the crunch and flavor. Store in plastic in the fridge.

Cutting Celery-  Bunched celery stalks, this celery is smaller than what you are used to seeing in the grocery stores, but it makes up for it with twice the flavor. Cut off a little slice and see for yourself before adding this to any recipes. Really great for sautéing with onions as a flavor base in sauces or soups. Treat this celery more like an herb and use both the stalk and leaves, it will add celery flavor to any dish.  

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