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Garlic Scapes –the flowering shoot of the garlic plant. Very tender and strong garlic flavor makes this a fantastic addition to stir fry or omelets. Best used to start off any sautéing project because the aromatics and flavor of garlic really shine with these, but are mild enough for many uses. Even a kale and garlic scape pesto.

Bok Choi-  A wonderful Asian green, these are best lightly sautéed. We are dealing with a lot of insect pressure for our tender greens – there is some damage from the beetles but it is purely cosmetic. Separate the stems from the leaves and get the stems in the pan first let them cook until just softened then add the leaves and continue to cook for a few seconds until the leaves begin to wilt. These are best stored in the fridge in plastic.

Lettuce- A red leaf lettuce head called Magenta, great for sandwiches, or salads. While we do wash your lettuce, there are nooks and crannies we can’t get to so please rinse before use. Store in plastic the fridge. 

Kohlrabi- This sweet and crisp vegetable has a lot of people scratching their heads if they aren’t used to it. Very important to peel the outer layer of skin of to get to the crisp inner meat of the vegetable. Kohlrabi has a flavor very close to other members of the brassica family such as broccoli and cabbage. Great to eat raw or lightly sautéed. I also like to dice them up and boil them with potatoes to make a more complex mash potato side dish. Store in the crisper.

Zucchini or Patty Pans - Green zucchini or golden squash. You’ll see one or the other. A classic of summer can be added to almost any meal. Great for a quick sauté, wonderful in stir fry or even baked into a gratin. Patty Pan’s are adorable little squash that have little scalloped edges like a pie (or a flying saucer). Great for a quick sauté, wonderful in stir fry or even baked into a gratin. Shred these into a veggie hash to easily use them up. Store in plastic to retain its natural moisture.

Red Russian Kale- One of our three varieties of Kale, this one has a tender leaf that can be chopped up into a salad, or tossed in at the last minute when making a soup. The stems are good chopped up and sautéed. Or you can add them into a garlic scape pesto. Store in plastic in the fridge.

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